😀 AI generated recruiting email templates in perfect English

🚀 automate and scale your outreach

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Are you tired of writing the same emails over and over again?

Do you find it boring to have to slightly customize the same email for every job description?

Would you rather just not think about it and outsource your email writing to a machine?

... of course you would 😂

Our system even allows you to regenerate and customize templates based on a candidate's description

how cool is that? 😎

Okay, but how does it work?

It's simple, we use artificial intelligence to generate templates based on your job description.

No joke, it's that easy 😁

How much do you think you would have to pay one of our big competitors a month to do that?

A lot right? Well we're only charging you $12. 🤑

Are you ready yet?

Our Features

🏢 Create and manage unlimited job descriptions

All templates are generated from job descriptions and we allow you create as many as you want. Not only do you get a template generation tool, you get a way to organize job descriptions as well!

📎 Your saved templates never expire

Your generated templates are searchable and saved organized by the job description you generated them from. Any additional candidate information you added to customize the generation is also saved.

💵 A tiny fraction of the cost of our competitors

No, seriously. Most similar tools with a solution like this are hundreds of dollars a month per user.

We unbundled this one single feature into a stand-alone app so we can beat them on price. Just pay for what you need!

Still not convinced? 🤔🤔🤔